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G-Force was founded in 1993 by Master George Denson. In 2002 Soke Ben Brooks became owner. Soke Ben passed the school over to Sensei Ryan in 2017 and he is ready to keep on kickin. We have classes for kids, adults, beginner, and advanced. Special events and seminars will be held on Saturdays!


Lil Dragons

This class is for students ages 4-6. It is on Tuesdays and Fridays from 5:15 to 5:45PM. They will learn basic techniques, work on eye and hand coordination, along with discipline and respect!

Kids Class

Kids from the ages of 7-14 will be in this class. The class will focus on self defense, katas, and sparring coming soon!

Tuesday & Friday 

6:00 to 6:55PM

Adults Class

Students that are 15 and older will now be in the adults class. We will not only work our bodies but also our minds as we study the martial arts. 

Tuesday & Thursday

7:00 to 7:55PM

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